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Phone Scams: Caller ID Spoofing

In a previous article, we talked about robocall phone scams —unsolicited automated calls with pre-recorded messages. As frustrating (and illegal) as these calls are themselves, another phone scam threat (which can include robocalls) is caller ID spoofing... Full story

Phone Scams: Stopping Robocalls

Unsolicited phone calls have always been annoying, but the market has gotten a lot more sophisticated over the years—and don’t always involve a person on the other end of the line. Robocalls—autodialed calls with prerecorded messages (or even texts) that you didn’t ask for—can be an occasional annoyance or a constant intrusion. Here’s what you need to know... Full story

National vs. Rural Internet Pricing

When you live in a small town (especially if you were once a city-dweller), you love the pace of life but may miss one major perk: high-speed internet at urban pricing. You may even think, “Well, I guess I don’t really need the speed.” Or you might just grumble, “How can they charge these rates?”... Full story

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